E-Mission: Data driven carbon emission reduction

Introduction and Purpose

This app is part of a travel behavior research platform developed at the University of California, Berkeley. The platform development is being led by K. Shankari under the supervision of Prof. David Culler. Our goal is to collect information from users about travel behavior across all modes, and use the aggregate information for better transportation infrastructure planning.

What we collect

We automatically track your location, accelerometer, device-generated activity recognition, and battery usage. We also allow you to optionally enter your experiences and feedback during travel through the app. Since our code is open source, you can inspect the data that we collect in the background at https://github.com/e-mission/e-mission-data-collection.git, explore the prompts for optional sentiment reporting at https://github.com/e-mission/e-mission-phone.git, and see the analysis that we perform at https://github.com/e-mission/e-mission-server.git

How we associate it with you

You log in to the app using a valid gmail address. We map the gmail address to a unique UUID and associate all collected data with the UUID. In general, the mapping between the email address and the UUID will only be made available to the lead researcher for the platform (Shankari). If you are not comfortable sharing your real gmail adress, you can create a fake one to use for this platform. The only reason we use an email address is so that we can ensure that your data is only available to somebody logged in as you, and remains available even if you switch phones.

Who gets to see it

Individually identified, real-time data is only available to the lead researcher for the study (Shankari). The data may be shared for aggregate analysis under two scenarios as described below. It will not be used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Benefits and Compensation

You will not be directly compensated for contributing your data to this platform.

However, we will use this information to provide you with a personalized travel profile that can be compared with the travel profiles of our other users, and with state and federal goals for daily exercise and GHG emission reduction. In addition, we will display aggregate travel patterns and aggregate crowdsourced safe/unsafe zones that you can use while making travel choices. You will have a chance to see the aggregate data generated before choosing to provide your own.

Studies lead by other researchers

If this platform is being used to collect data for a study conducted by another researcher, for example, from a Transportation Engineering Department, then you will be asked to assent to a separate document outlining the data association, retention and sharing policies for that study, in addition to the policies above. We will make all data, including the mapping between the email address and the UUID, directly available to the lead researcher for the main study. This will allow them to associate the automatically gathered information with demographic data, and any pre and post surveys that they conduct as part of their study. The other researcher may also choose to compensate you for your time, as described in the protocol document for that study.

Your rights

Participation in research is completely voluntary. You have the right to decline to participate or to withdraw at any point in this study without penalty or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled.


If you have any questions about this research, please feel free to contact us. For the quickest response, you can send email to the entire team at e-mission@lists.eecs.berkeley.edu. If you want to contact only the lead researcher or the PI, you can use their profiles above. If you have any questions about your rights or treatment as a research participant using this platform, please contact the University of California at Berkeley's Committee for Protection of Human Subjects at 510-642-7461, or e-mail subjects@berkeley.edu. If you agree to contribute your data to the platform, please click "I agree" below to proceed. If you do not wish to contribute your data to the platform, please click "I disagree" below to return to the aggregate views. This notice is also available online in case you need to read it again in the future.